Tile & Grout Cleaning

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Tile & Grout Cleaning​

Most tile and grout cleaners rely on water pressure or steam to clean hard surfaces. These floor cleaning methods can be inefficient and, in some cases can actually damage your tile and grout flooring!

We will pre-spray the floor with cleaning agent and start cleaning tile and grout. The hard surface Brush Head scrubs, rinses and extracts simultaneously leaving the floor clean and dry. The H/S Brush Head does not require high pressure so it will not damage your precious floors. Industrial grade brush head available in fine, medium and coarse grits for cleaning virtually any type of hard surface.

The tile and grout head utilizes a unique rotary scrubbing brush with 3 pressure wash spray jets to thoroughly clean and rinse the tile face and the recessed grout lines. A vacuum ring contains all overspray and extracts over 99% of the water. It leaves the floor clean and dry, ready for use or resealing.

We use the best machine because it uses a combination of rotary nylon cleaning brush bristles and spray jet thoroughly clean tile and grout. The spray jets can use heated or unheated water at high pressure while the nylon brush bristles scrub the floor surface, the vacuum slots then suck up the water, grime and grit and results in clean, sparkling tile and brilliant grout once again!

Whether your floor is tile, concrete, VCT, terazzo, travertine, marble and much more.

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